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American Magnetic Engineering is your solution to the making of magnets using today's technology. We can provide you with the best quality rare-earth magnets at the most competitive price. Our magnets meet or beat the major international standards. We are constantly communicating with reputable modern factories that are well managed for the most efficient production. In addition to our large inventory of various grades, shapes and sizes, we also team up with our factories to make special shape/size magnets of different grades in a speedy way often times with no extra charge.

Established in 2004, we have been serving clients creatively. Magnets are playing a more and more important role in today's industry. Many times magnets are  integrated with other parts to serve as a module. To achieve this it requires composite approaches such as plastic molding, hi-precision machining and mounting and other ways and means to guarantee the overall function and quality. We are well equipped to meet today's challenge with cutting-edge technology and years of innovation in engineering. We have also set up an advanced lab, i.e., AME 3D Lab with state-of-the-art 3D equipment, which enables us to be more resourceful and creative in engineering design and innovation. With the most efficeint management on R&D and prototyping, we have successfully manufactured the powerful AME PowerMag Magnetic Separator for bio-medical use and this device is made with high quality.  Most recently, we have also made the innovative bedding system  Mag Soft TM, which brings the everyday sleep to  a whole new level because it operates on our patented technology of composite mag-lev system. With the unique air gap, you can feel the experience of sleeping on the cloud.

In addition to our innovative work in the above field, we have  teamed up with the world-famous American alloy wire manufacturer in supplying the top-notch Brush-Seal Product to help improve the power plant thermal efficiency and cut down on the emission. We have been pioneering the trend of generating and consuming energy efficiently to keep our planet clean and green at a  sustainable pace. Let it be the Fortune 500 company or the garage-based start-up, our clients' great satisfaction is always our motivation. Let us be your magnetic solution provider.


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